Thursday, October 27, 2016

Writing Wedding Invitation in Mising Language

Sample Wedding Invitation in Mising language, Assam/ Arunachal
With lots of  friends and colleagues getting married, I am force to upload a sample of WEDDING INVITATION in MISING/ MISHING language rather than catering to each one of them individually. I hope this sample would be helpful to those who want to print their wedding cards in own mother tongue of Tani languages. :D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little about Tani languages and the advantage of learning it!

        There are number of languages in the world,some are dying,and some are,of course,growing.It is widely well-heard that the count each day push number of languages to death.The proliferation of commercially prospective and socially more spoken language have taken big flight in contributing to the growth of speakers and users.However,the ethnic minority languages too are surviving through ages till date.The Tani languages are one.The Tani languages-Adi,Mising,Galo,Nyishi,Apatani and Tagin-are from single house but spoken differently now a days with several variations in dialects and tones.

    The Youtube video link given here was recorded on the bank of river Siang in the outskirts of Pasighat town and the background dialogue is in Mising Tani language.

      The Tani languages belongs to Tibeto-Burman branch of Sino-Tibetan ethnologue group.Among all Tani languages,Mising language has the highest number of speakers,spread across Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.The Adi language is very close to Mising language.If you know Mising language,then you're done with 80+ per cent of Adi language too!Again,Galo language would become intelligible to you,even you could utter many words!If you're in India,and roam about the countrysides of Tani tribes' territories in the Siang,Dibang or Brahmaputra Valley in Arunachal and Assam,you have the advantage to learn about the tribes by interacting in their indigenous tongue!Similarly,you can quickly well-versed with the Nyishi,Apatani and Tagin languages!Of course,not to be forgotten,if you can master over any of these indigenous Tani languages,you can claim to be an stakeholder of contributing to the growth of these potentially endangered languages.

  This blog site would would help anyone interested in learning the indigenous Tani languages absolutely free of charge.Anyone can write down words in English,and we'll help you to know the language.Just we need the cooperation to push forward our mission as well as helping you pursuing your passion to learn the languages spoken in the valleys of language hotspots of the world.

   As of now to begin with,we'll help you learn Mising language!If you're after someone who is from the Mising tribe,then hit the site instantly to master their tongue and get an advantage in your own!With many requests in the virtual world who have expressed their interest in learning Mising Tani language over the months and years,this is in fond dedication for all of them.